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Fine & Award-Winning Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from around the world

Welcome! Here you can find chocolate from the world’s best and most innovative bean to bar chocolate makers and chocolatiers based all around the world. The types of chocolate you can buy and get delivered by post range from the most unusual from Zotter to the best Europe has to offer in the form of Akesson's and Domori to some of relatively new and up-and-coming chocolate makers such as Menakao, Marou and Bouga Cacao. We also have added a range of British chocolate makers including Duffy's Chocolate and The Chocolate Tree.

We specialise in unusual and luxury and award-winning chocolate that would normally be hard to find as high-street retailers are less inclined to work with smaller producers. Within the site you will predominantly find fine chocolate bars, but also gourmet drinking chocolate, cocoa nibs and roasted cocoa beans that we can send to your door with next day delivery within the UK and signed-for shipping to the rest of the world.

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A Chocolate Natural History of Costa Rica
January 27, 2015
Here I look at the history of cocoa in Costa Rica: how it was used, where it is grown, the issues faced by cocoa growers and what types of chocolate you can expect.
Cocoa from Panama
January 26, 2015
Panama only produces a very small fraction of the world's total cocoa production, but it shouldn't be underestimated or ignored. Here I look at the natural history of cocoa from this important region and what you can expect from chocolate produced from the beans.
Does Ethical Chocolate Taste Better?
January 14, 2015
To some cacao is a commodity. They buy and sell it. To others it is their sole livelihood and to yet more it is an absolute passion.
Indonesian Cacao
January 09, 2015
A look at how cacao was introduced and developed in Indonesia and what sort of chocolate you can buy that is produced from Indonesian cacao.