Service Updates

We have just restocked the Grenada 100% - unfortunately as the cost of the bar to us has risen 50p we have had to pass that on. Hopefully our loyal customers will understand. Regular purchasers of this chocolate can also try some of our other 100% bars.


We have launched a line from Casa Luker featuring their 100% couverture and the wonderful range of highly ethical gifts from Blyss Chocolate.


New this week is the very interesting and mellow dark chocolate from Duffy, including a new 100%.
We've also just restocked the Chocolat Madagacar 100% 1kg couverture blocks.

This week sees us add a fantastic range of chocolates from a new American maker in the form of finca Chocolate. These chocolates are well worth trying.


This week we will be offering a small range of Madecasse and Original Beans chocolate. We have also secured a wide variety of chocolate from the awesome Patrice Chapon in France. This should be with us in a couple of weeks.


We've just added the absolutely fabulous Pump Street Bakery range of chocolate to the store - we blooming well love it!


We have just added the premium-quality Favarger Swiss Chocolate to the site - it is a great deal different to our usual ranges, but we hope you enjoy!


We've just added a new user returns system. We've been trading for a couple of years and we've only had chocolate returned to us - but that was from a courier who couldn't find an address. But if you are at all unhappy with the chocolate we've sent you, then we've got a handy tool to help you specify how you would like us to respond to your concerns and issue refunds, credits or returns.

We've also just added a new search feature to make it easier for you to find the right chocolate. This ties in with our recent blog post about finding the perfect chocolate.

On another note, we should be having Wilkie's Chocolate back in stock next week. This is fantastic Irish bean-to-bar, organic chocolate that we just love. This time we've extended the variety of bars we'll be stocking.


Following on from the recent rise in Royal Mail postage prices for their 'Large Letter' and 'Small Parcels' services, we have had to pass this on. We essentially don't charge for the packaging nor the packing. Larger orders from £20 to £44.99 won't see an increase in charges, whilst we have moved free shipping to orders over £44.99. The most similar alternative to us only give free delivery on orders over £200 and that is second class. We still normally send parcels 1st class (99% of the time).

We've also just added a new range of Easter chocolate gifts for 2014. We hope you like them.


AMMA Chocolate
We have now added the amazing AMMA chocolate which is a completely ethical, organic company which grows their own beans in Brazil and makes some interesting, if not a touch unusual, chocolate.

New American Makers
Today we have added new ranges from American makers in the shape of Amano, Patric, Solstice, The Chocolate Conspiracy and Vosges.


Stainer - 01/03/14
We have just added a range of Stainer chocolate which includes three 100% bars, some boozy milk chocolate and some other unusual flavours.


Payments Gateway - 03/02/14
We have just added an alternate payment gateway so that if you prefer not to use PayPal, you can now use a credit card directly. This service is provided by Stripe.


Extended Bonnat Range - 30/11/13
We've not greatly extended the range of Bonnat Chocolate to include a wider variety of origin chocolate as well as the Xoconuzco which is very rare.

Extended Slitti Range - 26/11/13
After the success of the Slitti chocolate we have restocked and extended the range to include lower cocoa levels as well as the hot chocolate sticks.

We've also restocked the Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé and included some of their beautiful hot chocolate cones.


Exclusive Marou Chocolate - 20/10/13
Well, its' only exclusive as we secured all that was available in the UK. Check out the very interesting Treasure Island Chocolate.


New Makers Added - 05/10/13
We've just added a small selection of Dolceria Bonajuto to the store and next week we should have some from The Chocolate Tree - another new UK chocolate maker to come on the scene.


Restocking - 27/09/13
Over the summer we've concentrated on expanding our non-EU ranges with the likes of some fantastic American craft chocolate, but now, with the Christmas season fast approaching we've re-ordered the most popular Zotter chocolate - and a few others. Over the next month we'll be adding more to the range - this time in the really unusual chocolate category.

We'll also be restocking Antidote Chocolate, Menakao (with some pretty stocking filler chocolates), Pacari and more.


Yet more American Craft Chocolate added - 17/07/13

After a bit of a break to move premises we've added the simply outstanding Askinosie chocolate to our collection of amazing American craft chocolate. 

New American Lines - 03/05/13

After the addition of the wonderful Antidote chocolate, we've added Dick Taylor, Fruition and Madre to our range of American chocolate and have Potomac becoming available in the next couple of days;


Still Awaiting Stock - 19/04/13

Huge apologies to our customers who seek 100% chocolate. We have attempted to restock the most popular lines but have had orders delayed by our suppliers. We apologise for this and hope to resolve the matter very quickly.

New Website Launched - 21/01/13

Our old website has served its purpose. We thought it was about time that our customers had access to a much more professional website which offers a more streamlined purchasing process as well as a more accurate product search facility. We also have worked on improved product categorisation.

Previous customers may be impacted as old order numbers will become redundant and the old "my account" facility will no-longer work. We have exported past order and customer details and should you have a query we are still able to access your past order history. Please contact us if you would like more information.


Christmas Delivery Times

We’ll be open throughout the later half of December and will only not be sending out any orders on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


New Stock Arriving – 27/12/12

In the next week we’ll be re-stocking a few Zotter lines as well as extending the 100% range to include Pralus and Pacari. In late January we should also be extending the selection of Domori and other brands.


Other – New Zotter Stock – 15/07/2012

We’re gearing up for taking on a large order of Zotter chocolate for the new season. They’re still finalising the new range, however, we all know there will be some very interesting flavour combinations. As soon as we have information we’ll post it here.


Important – Delivery News: 28/06/2012

All outstanding Menakao orders have now been dispatched.


Other – New Stock – 22/06/2012

We now have a range of absolutely superb Hungarian chocolate made with some of the world’s best cocoa beans from Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé. If  you are a fine chocolate lover than those bars should be one you’ll love.

For those of you who like sweeter, more flavoursome (in the ingredients sense) then we have some lovely Indian-inspired chocolate from Devnaa in stock.

We’re also part way through reviewing and adding new chocolate handmade chocolate from Poland. Manufaktura Czekolady make really interesting and unique chocolate and if you like to try new things then give them a try.


Other – On Order 22/06/2012

We have some simply outstanding chocolate from Naive winging its way to us from Lithuania, this chocolate is superb.

We also have a large number of chocolate bars from Bouga Cacao on their way. This chocolate has as a similar style to Manufaktura Czekolady. This stock should be added to the site during the first week of July.