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When I've done Secret Santa in the past I've had the opportunity to think of something funny or unusual rather than anything the other person might actually want. But as we're a shop selling chocolate then, of course, we're going to say that chocolate is the perfect gift for anyone. There may be the slight issue when it comes to dietary requirements - are they diabetic, allergic to nuts or gluten, but beyond that we think chocolate is a great secret Santa gift an here's why:

There's funky/unusual/strange chocolate:

Now if you wanted to surprise the recipient of the Secret Santa gift then you don't really have to look any further than our chocolate with Trout and Coconut - yes it’s as funky as you might expect! But what about these two chocolate bars with bacon in (Bacon Bits & Real Bacon Spectacle). Now if they're a bit far-fetched then what about the Pear & Cardamom, the Cheese, Walnuts and Grapes or the Cashew and Pineapple?


You can get in the mood with some boozy chocolate:

Mulled Wine ChocolateFor many this time of year is about kicking back and relaxing and that may include a tipple or two. If the person you're getting a Secret Santa present for likes the odd alcoholic beverage then we have some perfect chocolate with a kick. At this time of year the Mulled Wine chocolate would be perfect. In the past the Cherry Brandy and Marzipan has been a top seller. Whilst this year we've also got Vermouth, Sacramental Wine and Frankincense, Egg Liqueur with Vanilla and Caipirnha, among others.


Christmas chocolate is more imaginative than you may think:

We have a great variety of Christmas-themed chocolate (but be warned, it is selling very fast and we expect to sell out about 5th December - the Gingerbread bar has already sold out). Our favourite is the Merry Christmas bar. But we also have the Christmas Market, the Mitzi Blue version of the Gingerbread, Softly Falls the Snow and Christmas Music.


You can still find artisan chocolate at reasonable prices:

Many people think that great chocolate is expensive - and to be fair, you wouldn't be wrong. But we've specifically stocked these 25g bars of awesome Madagascan chocolate so they could be given at a work's Christmas party. What's more they're only £1.95 each (and have proven very popular so far).

Also if you wanted to spend a little bit more we have gift boxes of Napolitans made from rare Australian cocoa.


You can still find very cute chocolate gifts:

Hot Chocolate ConesThese Hungarian cones of superb quality hot chocolate cannot be found anywhere else in the UK and they're just so exceedingly cute. The one pictured is the lavender one, whilst we also do a hot chocolate with paprika and another more spicy one.


You can still give them award winning chocolate for less than £5:

Chocolate from the likes of Pacari, Fruition and Valrhona are all award-winning chocolates and are all under a fiver. Whilst we have chocolate from Rózsavölgyi Csokolade, Potomac, Madre and Askinosie which is less than a tenner.

This chocolate is absolutely fantastic and I'm sure the person you're buying for, if they're somewhat sophisticated, will love it.

French Chocolate

Chocolate Christmas Gifts - Why You Can Do So Much Better

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