Natural Diabetic Mothers Day Chocolates

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Does anyone actually specifically create Mother's Day chocolates for diabetics? I know there are European laws that prevent anyone saying that a chocolate is 'suitable for diabetics' as we're only allowed to say that a chocolate has 'no added sugar'. But in the real world that's what people are looking for. For these people their mission is simple: they want to find a fantastic chocolate gift that's suitable for diabetics. But, not wanting to fall foul of the people in Brussels I'm going to take a look at the problem that so many children of diabetic mothers have.

Flower retailers know that if they can squeeze a few more pounds out of you at Mother's Day then its far better to offer chocolates or Champagne or a bottle of wine to you whilst you're buying your roses than not to. But what I've seen is that so many of these companies that offer filled chocolates, i.e. ganaches and truffles that look as if they're laden with sugar but when they do say they're for diabetics they're actually laden with maltitol and lactitol, where maltitol is a carbohydrate itself and "is produced by hydrogenation of the disaccharide maltose" according to Cargill and has a GI index of 52 which compared with table sugar, which has a GI of 60, you can see that it’s still very high. Some have even had intestinal discomfort with this sweetner. Whilst Lactitol is another bulk, unnatural sweetener that is about 40% as sweet as sugar - which actually makes me wonder if they fill the chocolates with fat instead of sugar, or just use more sweetner and less 'chocolate'? What's more lactitol is a treatment for constipation (pdf) which doesn't really sound all that appetising to me.

All this makes me wonder. Should we be trying to go down the more 'natural' route for 'diabetic' chocolate? I know we're not perfect  here, and we do offer milk chocolate which is not suitable for people on low-carb/sugar/fat diets and could be exessively sweet for even the non-diabetic customer, but with our own family members suffering from diabetes we have made a concerted effort that people that do wish to reduce their sugar intake are supremely catered for. Which only, and quite embarrassingly, leaves us with only the one option for anything 'mother related': Bouga Cacao 100% Chocolate Heart with Cocoa Nibs and the 100% heart with aniseed. These 100% chocolate hearts contain just cacao products - cocoa mass, cocoa butter and roasted cocoa nibs. There's no added sugar and not artificial ingredients they pretty much au naturale and it is this that makes them for those on a Paleo type of diet - all the ingredients can be found naturally. Nothing it them is artificial. 

Other than this we have a variety of other 100% chocolate gifts which a wide variety of styles. We have plain chocolate bars that have no added sugars - from all over the world. For the Paleo diet fans we also have a 50% milk chocolate bar that uses coconut blossom sugar instead of processed sugars.

We know this year we have fallen short in offering you a wide range of themed Mother's Day chocolates for people with particular dietary concerns, and for that we are sorry. We do aim to have some exciting, exclusive products in time for Christmas, and may be even Father's Day.



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