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Recently we had a customer contact us to enquire about a bulk order of chocolate and if they could have a discount. Of course we said yes. We were given the supporting notes from their Making Chocolate from the Bean' online course and asked if we could work through the different 'flights' (modules) and recommend the most economical method of acquiring the chocolate. 

Below we have gone through the 'flights' for the March 2014 course. The requirements of the Ecole Chocolat may change for the September 2014 intake, but we doubt it. Without wanting to publish proprietary information we have tried to list suitable chocolates and replacements should the primary chocolate be out of stock. We have also listed some chocolate bars that are suitable for more than one flight to help keep the cost down.

If you are undertaking the Ecole Chocolat course and would like a discount, just email us and we will send you a voucher code that will give you 10% off your order.


Flight 1 - Comparing Quality
  • Solstice 70% Venezuela (personal favourite)
  • or Amano Chuao 70%, Domori Peurtomar 70%Marou Tiền Giang 70%.
  • view other 70% chocolate bars here.
Flight 2 - Discerning Sweetness
Chocolate from the same maker. For Slitti all are made from Ecuadorian beans:
  • Slitti 60%
  • Slitti 70%
  • Slitti 82%
  • Slitti 90%
From a different maker:
Flight 3 - By Region
(South America)
(Central America)
These origins include Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, but I am also adding Mexico in here.
The origins may include, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Lucia, Tobago, Trinidad
  • Bonnat Haiti 75%
  • Amano dos Rios
  • Bonnat Trinite 75%
  • any from the Grenada Chocolate Co, some of Hotel Chocolat's Rabot Estate, some from Michel Cluizel, Rogue, Vestri, Cacao Prieto, Mast Brothers, Rogue, Coppeneur, Amedei, Soma, Tobago Estate, Pralus, Naive and Bessone.
(South Asia)
  • Bonnat Ceylan 75%
  • Pralus Djakarta 75%
  • Use the other part of the Marou above to save money.
  • also try Bessone, other Marou bars, some Askinosie, Theo, Coppeneur, Zokoko, Domori, Cluizel, Soma and Mast Brothers.
Flight 5 (100%)
  • Use some of the Trincheras above
  • Use some of the Slitti 90% above
Also, if you would like us to acquire cocoa beans then let us know your requirements.

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