Alcohol Chocolate Bars

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Chocolate liqueurs are so old hat. With brands such as Zotter creating some fantastically boozy chocolate treats there’s no need to fall back on the staple Mon Cherie and high street brands this Christmas. There’s just so much to choose from these days. Here’s a quick selection of chocolate with alcohol in that we just adore.

Christmas 2014 Update

Here we've added a list of the Christmas-feature chocolate bars with alcohol in them:

  • Christmas Crackling - Apple Brandy 2%
  • Gingerbread - Rum
  • Orange Liqueur
  • Mulled Wine
  • Sacramental Wine and Frankincense - Zweigelt Red Wine 8%

 See the full list here, or some highlights:


Another chocolate from Zotter containing rum - and there's no doubting that this is a stunning chocolate.

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Genitian in Black
A very boozy chocolate made with Genitian spirit and 80% dark chocolate and a creamy, light ganache.

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Other favourites:

Cognac  & Coffee

A beautifully smooth but punchy dark chocolate that should warm you on any cold winter's night.

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Tequila with Salt and Lemon
This has to be the best chocolate bar with alcohol we stock. The tequila is very noticeable but perfectly balanced against the salt and lemon to give it an undoubted Mexican quality.

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Scotch Whisky
With 9% of this chocolate bar containing Scotch Whisky you know it’s going to have a kick, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The flavours are clear and direct and ultimately satisfies.

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Vodka and Sweet Potato

This is one of the most unusual alcoholic chocolate bars we stock. For some reason this strange combination of flavours actually does work. But are you brave enough to try it?

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Cherry Brandy

This is a sweet, and utterly alcoholic. It’s also one of our most popular chocolate bars of any kind.

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Plum Brandy
If you just couldn’t get enough of the brandy then this plum version plays on a slightly different flavour profile but is incredibly unique nonetheless.

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We also have some alcoholic chocolate bars made with local wines to the region of Austria where Zotter are based. These include the Umathum-Blaufränkisch and Steirisches wine bars.

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