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You’re an adult, so why drink hot chocolate designed for kids? If you’re going to indulge, try hot chocolate the way it’s meant to be experienced–as an intriguing, luxurious, refined treat for the senses. Like other gourmet foods, the appeal of gourmet hot chocolate lies in its complexity.

That mysterious, multi-faceted flavour has its roots in Mesoamerica, dating back to 1900 BC. Chocolate wasn’t a sweet, one-note affair upon its debut in Central and South America. It wasn’t until this sensual treat was exported to Europe that sugar was added. Hot chocolate’s founders wouldn’t have recognized the preservative-laden, uber-sweet cheap hot chocolate available in supermarkets today.

It’s About The Senses

Fans of the film “Chocolat” would be hard-pressed to imagine Juliette Binoche pouring cups of Nestle,Cadbury or Kraft powdered hot chocolate in a bid to help the repressed locals awaken their inner desires. These watered-down commercial versions would be poor substitutes for the decadent concoction that acted as a metaphor for sensuality in the film.

Ancient hot chocolate was ascribed other, more practical powers as well. The concoction was so sought-after that it was used to honour royals at banquets and parties. Aside from its rich flavour, hot chocolate was thought to ease intestinal discomfort and cold symptoms when mixed with chilli peppers. The odd combination was off-putting to visiting Europeans, but today’s foodies have grown weary of the same old flavours. Hot chocolate with a kick sounds alluring once again.

Try To Be Different

For a new take on that sweet-and-spicy combo, try flavoured hot chocolate by Devnaa. Montezuma himself would approve of the complexity these chai masala drinking chocolate flakes offer.

Montezuma’s — the chocolate company, not the Aztec emperor — also blends dark chocolate flakes that foam up in your cup, just as the ancient form of hot chocolate was said to have done. Montezuma’s blends 54% organic chocolate with cinnamon and nutmeg. The result is a lovely mug of spiced hot chocolate that’s perfect for Christmas.

In addition to warming you up on a frosty winter day, gourmet hot chocolate makes a fabulous gift. Hotel Chocolat produces gourmet offerings full of intense chocolate flavour, but light on sugar. An elegant jar of classy hot chocolate ingredients will impress even the most discerning gourmet.

Chocolate On A Stick?

The fine chocolate purveyors at Artisan du Chocolat have devised another original concept in hot chocolate: the Quickie. No, we’re not proposing anything naughtier here than a lollipop-like solid chocolate modelled after your favourite cocktail. The hint of alcohol and the phrase “Fancy a quickie?” emblazoned on the stick may be just the thing to kick off your Valentine’s Day date.

Of course, chocolate is renowned as an aphrodisiac, making it possible to re-create Valentine’s Day every day. Truly decadent, authentic chocolate that dissolves with ease into a waiting cup of hot milk will melt anyone’s heart. The James Gourmet Coffee Company set out to provide their customers with the same uniqueexperience they’ve come to expect from their perfectly-roasted coffees. Like their coffees, their gourmet hot chocolate contains complex flavours, with nuttiness and fruity notes emerging in every batch.

They’re Artisans Because They’re Awesome

Chocolate artisans like those at Demarquette Fine Chocolates are adept at creating top-notch gourmet hot chocolate blends. Years of expertise culminate in an instinct for calculating just the right amount of bittersweet flavour. You won’t find their gourmet hot chocolate on supermarket shelves because this family-run business insists on doing things the old-fashioned way — designed for the ultimate in good taste rather than mass-production.

That level of integrity makes a delicious, steaming cup of gourmet hot chocolate taste even better. Zuma fair trade dark hot chocolate is made with equitably-traded San Domingan dark roast coffee beans and fair trade sugar from Paraguay. Gourmet hot chocolate doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure after all.

You can feel equally good about drinking authentic, gourmet hot chocolate if you’re watching your weight. Gourmet hot chocolate made with high-quality dark chocolate is naturally lower in calories and fat than the adulterated supermarket varieties from the likes of Mars and Nestle. Buying cheap hot chocolate may save you a bit in the short-term, but your taste buds and waistline will know the difference.

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