Strange Chocolate

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When it comes to strange and unusual chocolate the brand that comes to mind for most people is Zotter Chocolate. In the past I’ve tried bars that contain peanuts and ketchup and other bars that have a small amount of fish included – thankfully you can no-longer buy those, but what weird chocolate you can buy the most unusual has to be the bacon chocolate which is made from about 7% pork crackling. Other than that you’ve got the cheese, walnut and grapes bar, there’s also the ginger and carrot bar, and the goji berries and sesame nougat chocolate bar.

In recent months we’ve extended our range of unusual chocolate greatly and now feature some chocolate aimed at children that includes sour apple vinegar that we find delicious. We also have a great bar with cashew nuts and pineapple that, although fairly unimaginative when consumed individually, when combined does provide a very interesting flavour, but perhaps not as strange as the Pineapple and celery bar. Personally I struggle with celery on its own, but combine it with pineapple and chocolate then I’m perfectly capable of enjoying it.

From Bouga Cacao we have the 70% dark chocolate bar with the South American spice ishpink or very bitter chocolate with figs. From the Madagascan countryside we have a 63% bar with combava and pink pepper.

100% Dark Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

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