10 Sexy Chocolate Adverts Your Mother Doesn't Want You To See

Posted on October 22, 2017 by  Lee McCoy

We all know that sex sells. But when we're talking about chocolate do we really need to add another layer of sexuality to promote the world's most luxurious food? The latest Zokoko advert is downright erotic. Interestingly I had ordered some from them last week, but seeing their latest advert I'm not sure if I would have been more or less inclined to buy some. Ok. probably more likely! We've also had Chocolate and Love use erotic pictures to promote their chocolate shop: And Blyss Chocolate using suggestive imagery as a background to their website and in their marketing. Blyss Chocolate Imagery Many people wrongly think this sexualisation of chocolate in advertising goes back to the mid 1980's Cadbury's Flake bath advert: But take yourself back another twenty years and you'll find this 1960's Flake advert with an almighty phallic opening scene featuring Hoima MacDonald: A few years ago the trend continued with the Mikado photocopier advert that could make uncomfortable viewing for a teenager sitting down to watch Coronation Street with his parents: But probably not as much as this one for Poulain Chocolate featuring Heidi Klum. Despite being one of France's old chocolate chocolate brands, they certainly know how to use erotica: Or even this one with sex scenes - it must have been so good the company behind it, Kandia, went pop (and so did many of those watching)!
But women haven't only been the sexual focus of chocolate adverts, Jason Lewis starred in this one for the ladies and to promote Aero Bubbles: No wonder cleaver people have come in on the act and created 'adverts' such as this 'funny' one for Cadbury's Crème Eggs? But what do you think about using sex to sell chocolate? Should chocolate companies use explicit or suggestive imagery, or should they just focus on the quality of what they make? My own opinion is that many of the adverts are fine, but as we've seen with chocolate terrorism and as well as the Karl Lagerfeld chocolate hotel room companies involved in chocolate are having to go to more extreme lengths to get noticed in this crowded market.

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