Awaiting The Chocolate Show 2014 With Bated Breath

Posted on October 13, 2014 by  Lee Mccoy

And so Chocolate Week is upon us and the culmination of these fantastic seven days is the Chocolate Show held in Olympia, London. Every year I look forward to this event, whatever the guise as I know it's an opportunity to make new friends, enjoy new chocolate and be immersed in my passion. A few years ago I could attend more of the various events held around the country, but with running this online shop it makes it difficult to dash out to the various locations dotted around the country. I will, however, make it to 'the show' on the Saturday. 

And if you're going, of course it would be great to see you, but here's what I'm particularly looking forward to from the list of exhibitors (sorry if I've left anybody out):  

  • Akesson's - catching up with Bertil to see what new he's got in store for us. 
  • Amedei - finding out if there's anything we can stock here. 
  • Bad Brownie - I love brownies and I'd like to see what these guys do to stand out from the crowd.
  • Belvas - a new name to me. I'd like to find out about t heir ethical credentials.
  • Carlorotta - just because I'm getting into Gianduiotto.
  • Choctails - because I just love chocolate and cocktails!
  • Demarquette - because he's just fantastic (his ganaches are damn awesome too!)
  • Duffy - I'd like to have a go on his cocoa tea mix and try his beans (we're interested in stocking both).
  • Fifth Dimension - because Russell makes wonderful chocolates!
  • Friis Holm - to see if Mikkel has got some 100% to try.
  • Boissier - because I've never heard of them before.
  • Middletown Hill - wholesalers of Marou and Favarger and a jolly nice chap.
  • Pacari - because we stock their chocolate and are huge fans.
  • Paul A. Young - I can lose myself in his wares.
  • Rococo - offers wondrous chocolates.
  • Sweet Virtues - I already consume chia seeds and baobab so would to see how they're combined with chocolate.
  • Tobago Estate - It's about time we got their chocolate on the site.
  • Venchi - there are a few products I would like to stock.

There will be others that will catch my eye as I walk around, but those are the ones I'm particularly keen to catch up with. But there's more to the event than just the stalls. There are also demonstrations, and tasting rooms with some talks. There is a special section for the Academy of Chocolate too, which I'm particularly interested in.

If you've never been before it is absolutely worth going. There's a wide range of chocolate available from the finest bean-to-bar to chocolatiers creating awesome stuff and a wide range of other interesting things to try out. I'd love to see you there!


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