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Posted on April 17, 2019 by  Lee McCoy

Benefit Protein ChocolateOver the past 4 months I've been really trying to get fit by understanding the actual impact of the foods I consume, how the macronutrients (carbs, protein and fats) play their roles in providing energy for my hiking and how they contribute to me putting on excess weight. As a part of this I signed up to Muscle Food* to try out their portion-controlled, low calorie ready meals and radically reducing the amount of sugar and other carbs I consume.

Having lost about a stone on that I moved on to greatly increasing the amount of protein I consumed - mostly from meat. And as I continued my weight loss and fitness gain I decided to allow myself some more treats. Obviously that entailed enjoying chocolate and starting to blog more about it. So here I am, I've added a bar of high protein chocolate to my regular order of meat to see what its like.

First of all I need to say that when ordering chocolate from Muscle Food its going to be difficult as they put loads of ice packs in the boxes to obviously keep the meat good, but this does give the chocolate a bit of a shock. Don't do what I did and see the chocolate and quickly open it up to enjoy. Let it get to room temperature first.

Benefit Chocolate out of the WrapperThe protein in this chocolate doesn't come from cow milk products, but instead from almond and coconut protein. And you can definitely tell as those flavours do come through. And they're enjoyable too. There's not so much of a classic chocolate taste as the nut based ingredients dominate but if you see the chocolate in a functional capacity rather than a classic exploration of cacao origins and flavour notes then you'll be fine. The cacao origin is Colombia, but I doubt anyone would be able to pick that out in a blind taste.

If you're interested in the nutritional elements, I was staggered to find out that each 40g bar contains a staggering 242 calories - so make the most of it if you get one. 

Overall, it gets the thumbs up from me. Not only can you get these individually from Muscle Food*, but also in boxes of 15 from Amazon* and from Montrose Chocolate Adventures. And you can find out more here.


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