Ombar Buttons 72% Chocolate

Posted on April 14, 2019 by  Lee McCoy

Another one from my recent order from Amazon Prime I thought I'd thought I'd drop in a small bag of these raw chocolate buttons for a try.

To be honest they're about as astringent as the Montezumas 100% chocolate I just added to the site. I can definitely tell the beans are unroasted and most probably came from West Africa. 

When you get over the non-fine cacao you hit the coconut sugar and then it turns into a rum-like chocolate affair that is very palatable. With every button you taste the initial hit becomes less noticeable and more of a creamy, caramel hit. 

The next is of linseed. This is just a mind-boggling chocolate. It's that inconsistency that is both disconcerting and alluring in equal measure. 

I would assume they're targeted at kids. And my kids love them - well they pretty much love any form of chocolate.

You can find out more directly from Ombar.




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