Vivani 99% Dark Chocolate from Panama

Posted on April 13, 2019 by  Lee McCoy

Another of my recent purchases from Amazon Prime to test out how a two hour delivery can satiate one's low-sugar chocolate cravings. Here we have the Vivani 99% Dark Chocolate made with cacao from Panama.

In the recent past I've had some of their chocolate and wasn't wholly satisfied. But on recollection, I believe that must have been a relative assessment as I was trying some absolutely outstanding chocolate that Vivani's just wasn't 'up there' with the rest.

When I first opened the bar I had some of that prejudice lingering. I saw imperfection, I saw a mold that reminded me of Lidl or Aldi chocolate and I thought: "meh, this won't be all that good". What an idiot I am.

As I'm now controlling my sugar intake I'm much more careful and considerate about the chocolate I consume. If it's got a heap of sugar then I'll build it into a very rough plan of what I'm eating that day. But at 99% this instantly peeked my interest. Here the 1% is coconut blossom sugar, which, to be honest, I'm not totally confident is better (less bad) for you than 'normal' sugar, but that's a moot point.

This chocolate is immensely creamy and exceptionally moorish. Even writting these few short paragraphs I've almost worked my way through half of the 80g bar. There are tannins at the very outset but then it's apple all the way. I just so love this chocolate: the flavour, the mouthfeel - but most importantly the price. You can pick them up for less than £3 from a variety of places.


Buy from: Planet Organic, Nature'sHealthbox and Amazon.

Find out more from the manufacturer.


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