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In 1857, Jean Neuhaus opened a small apothecary in Brussels. Jean and his son, Frederic, ran the small apothecary, continually adding new and delicious confectionery inventions. In fact, they introduced so many new delicacies that the pharmaceuticals in the apothecary soon made way for the delightful and sweet confections created by the father-son pair. Frederic’s son, Jean II joined the team and in 1912, introduced the first bonbons filled with chocolate. Louise Agostini, wife of Jean II, desired to find a more appropriate way of wrapping these precious pralines. Soon, she and her husband replaced the cornet bags that had previously been used to wrap the pralines with a beautiful gift-wrapped box that was later patented as “the ballotin.” The business continued to be a family affair as Jean’s daughter and son-in-law, Suzanne and Adelson de Gavre, stepped in and contributed a number of their own confectionery inventions and creative packaging ideas. As this family business steadily grew, expansion soon became necessary. Today, Neuhaus boasts approximately 1600 outlets internationally, 80 of these in Brussels.

The Stars

The Stars collection consists of legendary Neuhaus chocolate pralines that carry a rich history, delightful shape and popularity, or simply a delectable recipe for exquisite taste. The popular pralines in this collection include Caprice, Tentation, Manon Sucre Vanille, Plaisir, and seven other confectionery delights that are all stars in their own right.

The Praline

The Praline collection at Neuhaus consists of hazelnuts, almonds, or both, covered in a sweet and seductive chocolaty coating. The Praline collection includes the Horta, Napoleanette, Sapho, and Madison, along with eight other exquisite varieties.

Neuhause Truffles

Neuhaus’ truffles are a dark chocolate with a silky butter cream filling and dusting of rich cocoa powder. At Nehaus, theses truffles are characterised by the varying coatings and shapes of the truffles. These delightful confections are available in a number of varieties, including Truffe Classic, Truffe Ampere, Truffe Cognac, Truffe Café, and Truffe Tiramisu, along with four more spectacular varieties.

Neuhaus Panache

Ganache is a delightful bit sized chocolate with a creamy filling made of chocolate combined with another liquid such as cream, coffee, or liqueur. Neuhaus chocolate ganaches include Criollo, Art Noveau, Violetta, Galerie, and Prestige, along with eight other amazing flavour combinations.

Neuhaus Chocolate Bars

Neuhaus’ chocolate bars are available in a range of white, milk or dark chocolate and may be either plain or filled. Enjoy the creamy sweetness of milk chocolate, or the bittersweet delight of dark or extra dark chocolate. Some of Neuhaus’ chocolate bar varieties include Hazelnut Praline, Wild Woodland Strawberry Cream, and Almond Praline seem very interesting.

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