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Amedei chocolates are among some of the highest quality fine chocolates available. Headquartered in Pontedara in the Tuscany region of Italy, Amedei chocolate is home to the famous Porcelona chocolate bar, often referred to as the “world’s most expensive chocolate.”

A Legend in the Making

This company, well known for its fine and extravagant confections, was started in 1990 by a brother and sister team with absolutely no prior chocolate making experience. Cecilia Tessieri and her brother, Alessio, named the company in honour of their grandmother and endeavoured to produce the finest chocolate in the world. While Cecilia runs the company near Pisa, experimenting and creating delicious new combinations and flavours, Alessio travels the world in search of the finest quality organically grown cacao beans and chocolate making equipment available, all the while building close working relationships with the villages and farms that grow and produce the fine cacao beans that are used in Amedei’s quality chocolates. Strict corporate policies and fair conditions for cacao farmers are perhaps just a part of what has made this famous company what it is today.

The Product

Amedei’s fine quality confections include not only their top-rated chocolate bars made from single origin cacao beans, but six types of truffles, flavourful pralines, and an array of luxurious milk and dark chocolates packaged neatly in miniature boxes. Among their many varieties of delicious and mouth-watering chocolate bars is the famous Porcelona bar, prized for its dark, bittersweet chocolate with subtle flavours of spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, and coriander intermingled with an aroma of toasted almonds. This rare and highly treasured chocolate bar is comprised of the finest cacao beans gathered from the Venezuela region of Chuao. Amedei’s pralines are available in a variety of delightful flavours, such as ginseng, rum, and grappa. The Cru collection offers 6 types of amazing chocolates made from various cacao beans from 6 individual regions. Each bar is made up from quality beans from the regions of Trinidad, Ecuador, Madagascar, Venezuela, Jamaica, or Grenada. Amedei’s latest creation, “For You,” is a creative collection constructed of tempting milk, white, and dark chocolates transformed into delicate droplets, a chocolaty spread, and a silky and luxurious drink, in an effort to showcase Amedie’s fine quality chocolates in a variety of tantalizing treats, so that one may experience the joy of savouring fine Amedie chocolate in every delectable drop.

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