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Charbonnel et Walker Chocolatier is endorsed as the Queen of England’s official manufacturer of fine quality chocolates. Since 1875, this historical chocolate company has been based in London, producing exquisite hand made chocolates fit for royalty.

Charbonnel et Walker History

In 1875, Mrs Minnie Walker and Mme Virginie Eugenie Levy, nee Charbonnel entered into a partnership, creating “Parisian Confectioners and Bon-Bon Manufacturers.” When the collaboration came to an end on April 16, 1878, Ms. Walker continued operation of the business until her passing in June 1883. In June 1894, Charbonnel and Walker Limited was sold and converted to the new company of Charbonnel et Walker and located in Bond Street near the original location. Its royal chocolate is created in the factory located in Tunbridge Wells.

Charbonnel et Walker Traditional Chocolate

The traditional recipes used since the beginning of this historical chocolate company are still utilized and honoured in the company’s factory located in Royal Tunbridge Wells. Charbonnel et Walker is well-known for its simple, silky smooth plain chocolate, manufactured from the finest in dark covertures and the original moulds. The chocolates, in staying within the realms of tradition, are exquisitely packaged in hand crafted containers with beautiful satin ribbons and luxurious wrapping. A whole range of products are available from Charbonnel et Walker, from rich dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate, and delectable white chocolate. A variety of centres and the traditional signature swirl help make chocolates by Charbonnel et Walker the truly traditional and time honoured choice of royalty.

Chocolate Bars

Charbonnel et Walker’s chocolate bars include their famous plain chocolate, champagne bars, caramel, rum and raisin, and praline.

Charbonnel et Walker Truffles

Truffles are available in numerous flavours, such as strawberry, champagne, “banoffee”, port and cranberry, mint, and a variety of other delectable and delicious varieties.

English Rose and Violet Creams

Charbonnel et Walker’s famous English Rose and Violet Creams consist of their smooth and luxurious fondant infused with rose and violet oils coated in their famous plain chocolate. These exquisite candies are lovingly decorated with a crystallised rose or violet leaf for a simple touch of elegance.

Something Special

Charbonnel et Walker offers a variety of decorative packages and fine quality special items. Try one of their fabulous chocolate truffle sauces, one of their classic selections of hand made milk and dark chocolates packaged in a decorative box, or one of their After Dinner Dark Chocolate Thins. In addition, this renowned company offers a number of hampers, gifts for him or her, wedding chocolates, and dinner party chocolates.

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