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For more than 100 years the Beschle family has been producing quality hand-crafted chocolates in Switzerland. The fourth generation of Beschles is currently carrying on the century long family tradition with brothers Dominic and Pascal. While Dominic heads up the managerial duties, Pascal continues to create the exquisite confections that have become recognized as some of the finest chocolate taste sensations in the world.

A Century of Tradition

In 1898 Ernst Beschle founded Confisieri Beschle in Basel, Switzerland. As the company grew and expanded over the next century, generation after generation of Beschle worked with undying dedication to achieve and maintain the excellence this chocolate company had come to be known for. With a passion for chocolate and a desire for nothing but the best, Beschle strives to provide customers with the quality standards they have come to expect from the Beschle name.

As the family business enters into its second century of producing delicious and tantalizing chocolate creations, brothers Pascal and Dominic are taking the company to whole new levels within the international market. In 2007, Beschle introduced their fine chocolates to new distributional channels in the UK, Japan, Russia and Germany. Only a year later, the company once again expanded its global appeal to China, Hong Cong, Philippines, USA, Canada, Bahrain, Austria, Kuwait, Poland and Hungary. In the same year, Beschle yet again expanded with the launch of the company’s first travel retail collection with listings in Zurich, Singapore and Macau. As the fourth generation of Beschles launches the company into the next century of chocolate craftsmanship, the world eagerly awaits to see what new creations and innovative ideas will join the tried and true traditional chocolate sensations that have established the Beschle name as a quality producer of fine chocolate.

Growing up with Chocolate

Chocolatier Pascal Beschle relates that growing up around all that chocolate was simply amazing. From a young age, Pascal learned the ins and outs of chocolate creation and all of the tricks of the trade from his father and grandfather. He was taught special techniques for combining rare and luxurious ingredients, tempering the chocolate, and giving it just the right amount of shine. As a long standing family tradition, Pascal was also taught the art of creating the ideal ganache, as well as the secrets for achieving stunning flavour combinations for fillings. Pascal’s grandfather stressed to him the importance of working only with the finest of ingredients and never sacrificing the quality of the product. To this day, quality is still the golden rule of the company.

Beschle Chocolates

Beschle handmade chocolates include a large variety of exquisite truffles, pralines, and other fine creations. Their Bonbolles au Chocolat selection includes roasted almonds, coffee beans, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts coated in a fine premium chocolate and dusted in a powdery cocoa. Beschle’s tantalizing truffles include such taste temptations as tangerine liqueur ganache, Marc de Champagne, and various dark, milk and white chocolates.

Hot Chocolate and Spreads

For a warm and tasty treat, Beschle’s hot chocolates and chocolate spreads provide luxurious comfort and sweet delight. Their hot chocolate is available in dark chocolate or orange chocolate chunks ready for melting. Have a sip of delicious hot chocolate while you nibble on a piece of toast or a biscuit covered with one of Beschle’s delicate chocolate spreads.

Chocolate Bars

While Beschle’s fine truffles, assortments and pralines are among the finest in chocolate creations, their innovative and unique chocolate bars are a step above divine. Experience a whole new world of chocolate with such flavourful combinations as blueberries and almonds, dark chocolate and ginger, white chocolate with almonds, and Italian almond. Beschle’s diverse line of chocolate bars include a variety of fine dark, milk and white chocolate accented with quality spices, herbs, nuts and fruits to create a traditional chocolate sensation that carries on throughout the ages.

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