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The Domori chocolate brand is named after the founder and president Domori Mack, whose actual name is Gianluca Franzoni. I just love their website as it says: “A project is made of passion. Passion is an aura that surrounds our project is a dimension that transcends reality and logic and brings us closer to the dream. It ‘a contagious enthusiasm surrounding farmers, technical production, distribution network, the media, customers.” Isn’t that so beautifully Italian?

Did you know that Domori actually means “Two Moors” in Venice and was used not only for Gianluca’s name but also that of his chocolate range as he lived in the cocoa plantations in Venezuela and wanted a name that reminded him of home. Today the company is located just outside of Turin, Italy. Although the company was founded in 1994, today it is part of the illy Group.

What I like about Domori is that they create a wide variety of chocolate creations including chocolate coated fuit and nuts, roasted cocoa beans, boxes of Napolitains, Ilblend from Criollo cocao beans, tablets of chocolate with a wide range of flavours, Criollos which are some of their finest creations and cubes of fantastic chocolate.

An interesting fact that the Domori press team are keen to announce is that despite tthere being around 15,000 varieties of cocoa bean, only 10% of the cocoa produced around the world is of high quality.

Another feature of the company that I like is their insistence that their plantation workers recieve a wage that they can look after their families well. They get around $12,000 a year. Domori have also started the process of trying to preserve old varieties of cocoa.

Most of the cocoa that Domori uses comes from a 320 hectare plantation in the eastern part of Venezuela and will be able to produce 200 tonnes of Criollo cocoa by 2015.

They also define how chocolate should be assessed – something which I’m going to take onboard.

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