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Posted on January 13, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy

Laurent Couchaux was the Principle Chocolatier at Rococo Chocolates and is a French classically trained pastry chef. After his training Laurent worked his way around the world for the next 20 years. Following a year as Pastry Lecturer at Valrhona’s L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat, Laurent moved to London as pastry chef for a new restaurant group.


Laurent settled in London for seven years and joined Rococo Chocolates in 2008 as Principle Chocolatier and “Prof du Choc” in the School of Chocolate. Shortly after joining, Laurent entered two of his ganaches, “Tango” and “Lychee Rose”, for The Academy of Chocolate Awards, where they were blind-tasted by his peers and both awarded gold medals.

In Oct 2010, Laurent was the unanimous winner of the Noval LBV Trophy 2010, with his elegant oblong of mixed red berry pate de fruit above a raspberry dark chocolate ganache, coated in dark chocolate decorated with a rainbow of stripes. In the words of one judge “the supple red fruit highlighted the port’s intensity, with the chocolate providing a soothing richness – just like the Noval Late Bottled Vintage.” Of his award Laurent commented: “I am very happy to be working in chocolate and at Rococo there are plenty of opportunities to be creative. London is a very challenging city, where chocolate making has become highly competitive in the last three years. So winning a Trophy like this is not only a great surprise, but also gives me great satisfaction to be able to prove myself. “

The Chocolate

I’ve only ever tried Laurent’s ganaches at an Academy of Chocolate tasting event, even though the heat in the room was excessive and I was getting over a cold I thought they were still fantastic. When I’ve worked through my chocolate collection I’ll purchase some to review properly.

I expect Laurent has a great deal of impact into their flavoured bars which I think are wonderful as well as his novelty chocolate creations such as the Hazelnut Quail’s Eggs and the Jersey New Potatoes & Fresh Mint.

Rococo always have all the main chocolate events such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s covered with fantastically original, beautiful and utterly gorgeous chocolates. They also do a wide range of chocolates for Fathers’ Day, Mother’s Day and Halloween. I’d say they’d be the first place I’d go to if I wanted to buy delicious chocolate art for people that matter to me. I just wish I had more time to indulge myself in their creations.

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