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Posted on January 13, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy

: Mott died on 1st June 2013 after a tragic accident. Whilst repairing some machinery he received a fatal electric shock. You can find more news on this very, very sad event at the webpages listed below:

Business Grenada - 01/06/13
Rococo Chocolates - 02/05/13
PNW Local News - 03/06/13

You can keep up-to-date with news surrounding his funeral in the US and his memorial service in Grenada at the Belmont Estate Facebook page.

Solanche Karen Alexia Robert, Programme Administrator at Belmont Estate, shared this news release with me:

Message of condolence from Shadel Nyack Compton
Managing Director
Belmont Estate

I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend, mentor and business partner – David Friedman ( affectionately known as Mott Green ), owner and co founder of the Grenada Chocolate Company. Words are inadequate to express the intense sense of grief, loss and sorrow that the Belmont Estate family and I feel at this time. 

My heartfelt condolences go out to his family, the staff of the Grenada Chocolate Company, his world-wide circle of friends, and to the Hermitage community. We are all so deeply grieved by his untimely passing, and collectively share his loss. 

My condolence also goes out to the staff of Belmont Estate to whom Mott was also a friend, director, advisor, business colleague and family member. He brought so many happy moments to our life and left us with a treasure trove of valuable memories and lessons. Even more importantly, he taught us so much by his life, his message, his fastidious commitment to producing the highest quality of organic cocoa and chocolate in the world, and always being the best. To those of us that truly knew him, we understood the nature of his “gargantuan heart”, his passion, his simplicity, his genuine love and concern for humanity, especially the farmers and persons of limited means. Mott, we will miss you forever!

To the people of Grenada we have lost an astute businessman, patriot, chocolatier, environmentalist, advocate, innovator, community activist, and people lover. Mott worked relentlessly and tirelessly to ensure that Grenada’s cocoa farmers, cocoa, and chocolate were respected and recognized locally, regionally and internationally. He was indeed a genius - simple in lifestyle, but profound in thought, word and deed. 

He founded the Grenada Chocolate Company with his late friend Doug Browne and Edmound Brown, and grew it into a very successful company, producing top quality organic dark chocolate. Through his leadership the Grenada Chocolate Company was awarded the Silver Medal in the Best Dark Chocolate Bar , Academy of Chocolate Awards 2008, 2011 and 2013 ; and the US Secretary of State award for corporate excellence internationally. Most recently, the Company was awarded A Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. Mott’s dreams and aspirations were made possible with the help of many of you that stood by him, assisted him, partnered with him, or offered advise or support through the years. He was always so ever grateful for the incredibly wonderful persons that enriched his life, his work and his causes. 

At the time of his death Mott was preparing for the Grenada premiere showing of a documentary Nothing like Chocolate (narrated by Susan Sarandon and produced by Kum Kum Bhavnani) which tells the story of Mott and his vision to create the best chocolate in the world. The Film is the Winner of the Award of Excellence: International Film Festival for Environment, Health, and Culture in Jakarta, Indonesia and Winner Award Silver Reel: Lucerne International Film Festival 2012. It will premiere at the Grenville Theater on Wednesday June 5th at 5:30 p.m. He was also preparing to rejoin the Tres Hombes ship for the delivery of fair transport chocolate in Europe in a few weeks. 

Mott’s passing will indeed leave a void that will be impossible to fill. Such a legend, an icon, could never be matched or replicated. We are all charged with the responsibility of keeping his legacy alive and protecting his integrity and his work, and pursing his mission. May God grant us comfort and strength during this terribly difficult time.

Chocolate maker Mott Green was co-founder of the Grenada Chocolate Company, a producer of quality, organic dark chocolate created from its own cocoa beans in a factory situated in Grenada’s lush rainforest. Together with Edmond Brown and Doug Browne, Mott established the company in 1999 and has been pursuing his “green dreams” ever since.

The Cultivation of an Organic Dream

Mott was the initial visionary behind the Grenada Chocolate Company. Originally a New Yorker, he first visited the island with his physician father as a curious and imaginative 15-year old boy. Accompanying his dad to the medical school that was located on the island, Green intently watched the pods on the lush cacao trees and eagerly learned about the rich and luscious chocolate that was produced from those pods. As Mott discovered that the plump cocoa beans grown and cultivated by skilled natives on the island were then shipped off to far away countries to be formed into chocolate bars that were distributed across the world, a dream began to sprout in the young boy’s mind. “Why couldn’t the chocolate be produced right there on the island?” he wondered. From that speculation, the sprout of a dream slowly began to take root and grow until it developed into the Grenada Chocolate Company.

Having lived on and off the island for more than 20 years now, Mott Green doesn’t think of himself as an expatriate. Instead, he often refers to himself as an “ex-tourist.” Between his visits to New York, Philadelphia and Oregon, Mott can be found residing in a small room within the factory. It was during one of his escapades to Oregon that Green met up with Doug Browne and the two formed a friendship. When Browne visited Green on the island early in 1999, Green’s sprout of a dream was revisited, and it slowly began to take shape and develop. Sipping unrefined cocoa in Green’s creaking bamboo hut, the two resolved to tackle the dream and make it a reality. Green and Browne asked their friend, Edmond Brown, to be a part of their endeavour, and a dream that started as a small sprout in a young boy’s mind was cultivated into a chocolate empire.

Carbon-Neutral Transport Across the Atlantic

From the very beginning, there was no question in the minds of the trio as to how the chocolate would be cultivated, produced and distributed. It would be locally grown by native farmers and produced on the island in a solar-powered factory. The product would be distributed throughout the Caribbean by sailboat, and all workers would be paid fairly.

Green’s dream of luscious, organic chocolate produced from bean to bar right on the island is still growing today, even after his untimely death. As the Grenada Chocolate Company grew into a nationally recognized maker of quality, organic chocolate, Green’s dream expanded to transporting the chocolate “carbon neutral” from the lush and tropical island in the West Indies to U.S and European markets. This dream also became a reality as Mott and the rest of the Grenada Chocolate Company teamed up with Fairtransport, a Dutch company dedicated to the sustainable transport of goods across the nation by means of wind power and sailing. The end result was this Gru Grococo bar which can be purchased from Rococo Chocolates.

Early in March 2012, Grenada’s world-renowned chocolate disembarked for the first time by sailboat across the Atlantic. From the shores of the lush rainforest and tropical island to European ports, the Tres Hombres, a 32-metre brigantine, transported the rich dark chocolate as the bars matured in the solar and wind-cooled holding area over the 6-week journey.

Mott has left one heck of a legacy. I hope that we do his life justice and make his dream a worldwide reality:

And here's a great interview by Evert-Jan

Nothing Like Chocolate Trailer from Kum-Kum Bhavnani on Vimeo.

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