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Patrice Chapon originally wanted to be an architect. It is lucky for us that he was pointed in another direction. When his dreams of becoming an architect seemed to fizzle, Patrice’s father suggested he pursue a career as a restaurant chef. From peeling onions and carrots to becoming a pastry chef, Patrice soon developed a taste for sweet creations and culinary design. He even served for a time as official ice cream maker to the Royal Court at Buckingham Palace. Even while preparing icy treats fit for royalty however, the wonderful world of chocolate continued calling out to him. Patrice began creating chocolates in the basement kitchen of his family home in 1985. He would prepare his exquisite chocolate inventions in the morning hours and sell them to Paris confectioners in the afternoons. As the cellar soon became too small, Patrice moved his chocolate creations to a small store house in Lagny sur Marne. He worked diligently behind a glass window, all the time drawing the attention of curious passers-by. Being somewhat shy about his work, Patrice soon placed a poster at the window. Unbeknownst to him at the time, the image on that poster would one day become the trademark for Patrice Chapon. He opened a small selling area in the shop in 1993 and his first boutique on Avenue de Mozart in Paris followed in 2001. It seems his original dreams of design were not that far off the mark, as he quickly became one of the finest architects of delicious chocolates throughout the world.

The Trademark Design

The poster Patrice hung from the window of his first workshop to block the peering eyes of the public featured three mischievous boys holding boxes of chocolate milk. The image of these three small boys with chocolate in hand became the trademark for Patrice Chapon chocolates. The chocolate mischief makers delightfully adorn the innovative presentation boxes and containers of Patrice Chapon and have become globally recognized as an image for the fine quality chocolate produced by this company. Some of Chapon’s unique presentations include a painted sugar box, a trunk with four drawers, and a box he calls “Theatre,” which opens to the sound of a tiny voice inviting chocolate consumers to discover the delightful temptations at the Chapon boutique. His trademark design embodies the values Patrice holds dear. His desire is that all should experience the pure simplicity of chocolate and the innocence of youth through his delightful creations.

The Chocolate

For Patrice Chapon, chocolate is simply a way of life. He wants his customers to experience the true magic of chocolate through his delightful and tantalizing sweet treats. His quality award winning chocolates include a variety of pralines, marzipan, ganaches and chocolate bars. The innovative confections designed by this extraordinary chocolate architect are constructed from the finest ingredients available. Various fruits, creams, nuts and flavours are incorporated with quality chocolate to tickle the taste buds and melt on the tongue. Patrice Chapon’s delicious pralines include Praline Cream with Smoked Salt and Pistachio, Pink Berries Praline and Smoked Salt Praline Domes. His single origin bars are created from cacao beans that have been harvested from some of the finest cacao plantations in the world. Among the numerous varieties are the Madagascar bar, the Venezuela and the Ghana. Each bar exhibits distinctive flavours and undertones unique to its specific origin. Patrice Chapon combines subtle hints of flavours and spices with the rich qualities of the single origin cacao beans to create an unforgettable chocolate experience with each and every bite.

The Packaging

Patrice Chapon takes as much care with the packaging of his precious confections as he does with the selection of quality ingredients. He believes that a box of chocolates should have a place in any room of the house. Chapon’s tantalizing confections are housed in beautiful gift boxes and containers that are appropriate for any occasion or time of the day. After all, any time is a good time for chocolate.

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