Silvano Venchi

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Sometime around 1870, in the Italian city of Turin, a dream began to stir and take shape in the mind of an ambitious 16-year-old boy. Silvano Venchi didn’t just create chocolates as a confectionery worker for a local chocolatier; he continued to craft delectable delights in his head long after working hours were over.

Over the next few years, Silvano became completely enthralled with his work as a confectioner and learned all he could about the craft. At the age of 20, he put together every last bit of his money to purchase two bronze cauldrons and experiment with chocolate-covered delicacies to surprise his friends and family. He would carefully craft the sweet visions that had been dancing in his mind for the last few years and eagerly await the response from his loved ones. Finally, Silvano could no longer deny that his dream had become a passion. He didn’t just love making rich, chocolate confections; Silvano Venchi lived for the thrill of creating the most luxurious, tantalizing and delicious treats from the finest ingredients available.

The Birth of Venchi Chocolate
In 1878, Silvano quit his steady job to create his own chocolate factory and become a competitor of the very company where his sweet dreams had been conceived. With beginnings at a small chocolate factory in Via degli Artisti, the Venchi Chocolate Company soon grew to be recognized as a creator of fine, quality chocolate. Silvano soon found it necessary to move his prized chocolate factory to a larger location, and the dream continued to grow.

National Recognition with Nougatine
Venchi Chocolate gained recognition and instant fame with the introduction of a candy known as Nougatine. Delicious Piedmont hazelnuts were ground, caramelized and covered in a rich layer of dark chocolate. These treats quickly became a favourite in households all over Italy, and the distinctive logo featuring the face of a Zanzibar Sultan became the recognized symbol of the scrumptious chocolate confection.


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