TCHO Fruity 68% Dark Chocolate

Posted on November 15, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Again we like to review chocolate that comes our way. Here we have a TCHO bar labelled as "fruity". My first thought of the origin, before I researched it, was that it would more than likely came from Madagascar. Interestingly, however, the origin of the cocoa in this bar is actually the ACOPAGRO co-operative in Peru. 

Now the chocolate has arrived bloomed as it came from a friend in the USA. But still the aroma and flavour are incredibly defined. Few I can remember has such a clear orange fruit and pepper nose as this. Below this there is a noticeable under-ripe lemon, bordering on lumi which piques my interest. 

Those fruity notes are certainly present in abundance in the flavour. They're certainly accurate in their description of the chocolate. But there's certainly more going on here. I picked up prominent floral notes alongside mustard, honey and hazelnut.

The texture was certainly tarnished on the way over here through the normal postal service so it would be unfair to comment on that score. 

In terms of overall appeal ... it certainly not at the level of the Criollo chocolate, and some of the Trinitario we have on the site. But that being said, the journey through the melt was interesting and the flavour notes delivered were intriguing.

The ethical story with their involvement with the co-operative and their inclusion in the product development and enhancement process is to be applauded. But we'd have to explore more of their range to see if it improved the range of chocolate we offered here.


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