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Posted on November 20, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Here we have a bean to bar chocolate maker from an unlikely place: Israel. Holy Cacao spend a great deal of time educating people as to how bean to bar chocolate is made as well as refining their processes and producing some pretty interesting chocolate. I actually bought a variety of chocolate from them but this 100% stood out for me mainly because it reminded me so vividly of Pralus' 100%.

This chocolate actually has a different mould than the others. Those are formed as one huge and very thick block which makes it incredibly difficult to consume. Instead we have very neat small squares will an irregular general shape as they dip towards the centre.

The aroma is far from intense. It's very mild and floral whilst the shine confuses. It looks as if it should be a high cocoa butter chocolate but then the snap happens and you notice that it’s fairly crisp and is exhibits very tightly packed crystals. But it’s the flavour we actually love. It's far softer than many 100% chocolate bars we've tried. It's very creamy but with a noticeable Marmite edge which adds some curiosity. There's also a tanginess which I adore in the moment, but as the flavour lingers, for what seems a life-time, you'll find yourself consuming much less than traditional 100% chocolate.

It is very enjoyable and provides a great alternative to those that love 100% chocolate. We've tried contacting the guys in Israel, but as yet we've had no luck in getting details of how we can stock it.


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