AMMA 100% Dark Chocolate

Posted on November 21, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

If there were the complete opposite to the Holy Cacao 100% this has to be it. That was rich and creamy, this intense, acidic. But starting off with the visual appearance: it's actually a very beautiful shade of dark brown. There is a deep red tinge to it that gives it a stunning appeal. But just wait until you witness the aroma - boy it's just marvellous. It's so powerfully fully of green, wet woodland that it's unreal. Actually scrub that, if there's a nasal depiction of a peat bog with last night's camp fire, this is it. You should pick up the burned wood aroma plus some strange, fruity, meaty quality that just defies description.

The mouth-feel is also soft but holds its own. The melt is very slow, but consistent.

But it’s the flavour where all the action is at. Damn it’s very sharp and right to the finish too. It might not start off that quickly. It builds up through leather and matted autumn leaves, but it will build up through very sour cherries on to Vermouth and then finishes with a metallic feeling at the top of the mouth. If you ever wanted an example of what flavours can be achieved by tweaking the fermentation time and lowering the roast then this is it. 

This chocolate feels a great deal more natural than most we have tried. OK, so those rich, creamy ones have their plus points, but if you appreciate a more natural experience then this has to be it.

For those wanting to learn more about their chocolate then this AMMA is a partnership between Diego Badaró whose family has owned this land in the Brazilian Atlantic forest for five generations and Frederick Schilling who used to own Dagoba before he sold it. What's more, AMMA is an incredibly ethical chocolate maker with intense focus on what's best for the environment. With all these factors included, we'd love to stock AMMA Chocolate in the near future.


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