Soma Mayan Hot Chocolate Mix

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Soma Mayan Hot Chocolate Mix Packet

After I had sampled the Rózsavölgyi Csokolade Spicy Hot Chocolate I found this Soma Mayan Hot Chocolate Mix in my chocolate stash and I thought it'd be worthwhile trying to compare the two. Obviously the Hungarian version is far more attractively displayed with their pipe-bag shape whilst the Soma hot chocolate has a more functional approach with foil packaging. I'd say the wow-factor is certainly with the East European version.

On the spoon

In terms of spice and flavour it’s pretty difficult to tell. I think the Rózsavölgyi Csokolade drinking chocolate had more of a rounded flavour as it included nutmeg and paprika, whilst the Soma has more 'hit' to it given by the hotter chilli. Still I did love the very interesting notes created by the orange peel that very much is noticeable. The bit that I didn't like, but could understand is that it said it contained a 'unique blend of spices'. Now I'd just love to know what they were. My view is that there must be plenty of them as none are distinguishable from the rest - they all blend together.

The best bit is that you'll never stir the hot chocolate fully. I don't know anyone that does. But when you finish off the milk you'll reach the bottom and get some very powerful chilli flavours which are just divine.

It's so hard to determine which I prefer as both have their merits. The good thing about the Rózsavölgyi Csokolade is that it’s available in this country. Soma (at the moment isn't). I've asked if they'll export from Canada and it’s just a no-go. They can't even satisfy their domestic market without even contemplating supplying us over here.

If I had to go for one, then it'd be the Soma by a head, purely because I love the powerful heat at the end.

And if you ever find yourself in Toronto then you really should pop into their shops.

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