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Posted on December 03, 2013 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

We know we don't do so well on the chocolate novelty gifts front. In fact, we're rubbish at it. But it’s something we're definitely looking to improve upon in 2014. Why we haven't done so is crazy considering we absolutely adore these Venchi chocolate cigars. Last year we sold the chocolate sardines and they proved very popular - but we found it difficult to get a reasonable supply of them at a price we felt our customers would be willing to pay. But certainly we're going to look at these sorts of gifts that have year 'round appeal. 

If you consider a 100g chocolate treat made out of a solid 'truffle' centre that has an exquisite mouth-feel and then that's coated in Venchi's wonderful 56% dark chocolate then you can only imagine what they taste like. Some may be disappointed that the truffle centre isn't as soft and delicate as, say, a Pralus Bar Infernal, but that perhaps would be more reminiscent of bone marrow (I'm sorry) than a cigar. 

Despite being fairly sweet, given the truffle centre and the 56% chocolate, it is incredibly moreish. I suppose that's also something to do with the shape: it’s easy to just bite off a piece rather than take your eyes off of what you are doing and snap a piece of chocolate off. 

The problem is restraining yourself. As it is so easy to consume, you will consume too much. I've eaten about half of it and I can feel the start of a headache coming on - I just don't do too well with sugar.

The price you're looking to pay would be around £5 to £6 which is reasonable for 100g of chocolate - and certainly for a novelty gift. 

The problem is that there's just so much competition. We like to seek out new and interesting chocolate products that you basically can't find anywhere else. Looking at Google there are seemingly a couple of dozen stores selling the chocolate cigar already. Does the internet need yet another?

If enough people reply here saying they would like us to stock the cigar then we will, otherwise we'll just we'll just have to scour distant shores for other novelty chocolate treats - but top quality ones of course. Can anyone recommend any?

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