Bonnat Surfin 65%

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The misguided view of blended origins is synonymous with the reasons I have taken a break from chocolate blogging for a few months. Marketeers have told us so many untruths that I grew tiered of the constant battle of rectifying misconceptions. The view of those fairly new to the industry is that if you can specify the solitary country of which the cocoa was grown then the chocolate must be defacto better quality than a chocolate made from beans sourced from a variety of countries. We only have to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody to know that creating a whole (a song) from divergent sources (rock, ballad, opera) can combine to be something wonderful.

Bonnat Surfin

Stephanie Bonnat has crafted a mild, even by his standards, chocolate with beans originated from a diverse range of origins such as Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela and West Africa. The thought of blending the latter two origins alone would give many a heart attack. 

Bonnat Appearance

While the aroma is has no clear theme as it exhibits both a dustiness along the lines of a Carrefour own-label hot chocolate the flavour profile sits very much in the 'soothing' category. The blending has undoubtedly taken the personality out of the chocolate - both for good and for bad - but it this chocolate is what it is: an attempt to see how fine and bulk flavour chocolate can work together. It exhibits a lovely peppermint characteristic along with the hashness on the tip of the tongue I would expect from many West African chocolates. 

Up against many single origins it wouldn't win any awards, but still it would have a significant change against some I've tasted in various awards judging rounds.

Bonnat's chocolate has a very specific outcome - you could almost always identify his chocolate in blind-tasting, and this chocolate remains true to his style. And if you're a fan of Bonnat's chocolate then I'm sure you would appreciate this.

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