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Posted on April 28, 2014 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

It is essential that we try as much chocolate as we can and see if we can learn anything from the masters. In this case we tried to double-up and see what Rococo's 100% chocolate is like and how they serve their customers in terms of delivery and customer service as we don't want to take anything we do for granted.

It must be said I overflow with respect for Chantal Coady and the team she has built. What she has done for the chocolate industry in this country goes unnoticed by far too many people. But I was a touch disappointed by how my solitary chocolate bar arrived. It came in a large padded envelope. Now I've bought chocolate from other online chocolate shops and had them arrive in a small enveloped sandwiched between two pieces of card cut from a packing box, so this isn't the worst I've seen. The issue is that everything that has ever arrived from Rococo has always been absolutely wonderfully presented, that I expected this chocolate bar to be at least delivered in a fairly decent cardboard delivery box. Instead it was within an A4 padded envelope which was doubled over to be shoved through my letterbox and arrived broken into three pieces. Also there was no packing slip.

When it comes to the 100% chocolate bar itself, we know that Rococo don't actually make the chocolate itself but melt and remould couverture as their focus is squarely on the utterly delicious and beautiful chocolate gifts they sell from their fantastic boutiques. But this 100% didn't have the brutish tones that I had expected and just didn't meet my expectations given what I know about their focus on quality and imagination. I absolutely know I have tried the chocolate from the same source before. I know Rococo has very strong ties with the Grenada Chocolate Co. but I am confident this chocolate isn't from that source as it’s just not tart enough. Instead I feel it’s more akin to the Bouga Rustica which is very mellow and with a slight nutty edge. In fact we had one customer ask if it was in fact a 77% bar because it wasn't as punchy as they had expected.

We've known about this chocolate for a good while and were going to contact the lovely guys there, but as it doesn't really get me too excited I think we won't seek to stock it. I would suggest, however, you give some of their flavoured bars a go as they are fantastic(especially the Moroccan Mint!)

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