French Broad Chocolates - Tumbes, Peru 70%

Posted on September 03, 2014 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

From the same region of Peru (Tumbes) as Wilkies  we have a bar from the North Carolinian chocolate makers: French Broad. And going straight into the review just as this chocolate goes straight into the flavour - this is just jam-packed with flavours. Your mouth will be producing saliva at a rate of knots. It has a 'heavy' roast reminiscent of Salt's pre-production milk. But with that there are just so many other flavours going on - not least malt, marmalade, wood smoke and ginger wine.

This is certainly a chocolate for people that love to sit and explore flavours - to actually concentrate and try and pick them out. And the squares are perfectly proportioned for a serious chocolate-tasting session. The bar is a decent size at a large, flat 60g but with that you get 20 'squares' which almost force you to be diligent with your line of attack. 

For some reason this chocolate reminds me of Amano - the total flavour profile, the detailing on the chocolate itself, just the bar is much larger (almost 50% more). It's also the tanginess that I find appealing. 

This chocolate isn't one that you could work through in an evening or two - it's far too tart for that. But it is very much enjoyable if consumed in moderation - mother was right!


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