Maranon Fortunato No. 4

Posted on September 05, 2014 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Having read so much about the base chocolate for this bar to say I was a little excited was an understatement. The chocolate I actually received, however, was abused by a covering of chopped almonds which made being able to distinguish the natural cocoa flavours almost impossible. When you've got a chocolate made from Pure Nacional cocoa you just want to taste its beauty, but I suppose something is better than nothing.

Removing as many of the almond fragments as possible and just letting the main feature melt slowly in my mouth you can utterly understand why others have been raving about it. I know it's at 68% and perhaps a touch more sugar than I would like, but the overall sensation is well, sensational. The acidity is relatively mute but there are heaps of floral and fruit. It's like a summer's day wrapped up in chocolate form. It's bright, lively, vivacious but still sophisticated. 

The odd bite will be dominated by a dry, warm wind of the almond which carries just a touch of tartness. On reflection this is the Hyde to the cocoa's Jekyll and it leaves you searching for piece after piece to see if the next bite offers anything different.

If we ever manage to stock any I would hope that you consume half the bar and then place your nose into packaging - that aroma is simply divine. It sings. It’s purely addictive. 


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