Raaka Bourbon Cask Aged Ecuador 82%

Posted on September 05, 2014 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Having come across this chocolate so many times and although I've nibbled countless different bars I've actually found time to give it a proper review. It should be said that many people have specific requirements with their chocolate, and it’s something I think we don't do a good enough job telling people if a particular chocolate is suitable to them. If you are interested, this chocolate is unroasted (some people call that 'raw'), suitable for vegans, a bean to bar chocolate, is nut and gluten free, and is stone ground. IT's also made from cacao from the APROCA Co-op in Ecuador and is batch 53.

You can buy this chocolate direct in the USA for $7.95, along with some other interesting bars. I'm not sure if the others will have such a broody aroma. It's dark, mysterious; it's a Stephen King novel in chocolate form. You could say it's an ugly beast. But when it steps out, into the light it's a completely different affair. And this particular bar is different to the other's I've tried. It's far creamier and much more enjoyable. Those past dalliances have made me push this bar down the list of chocolates to review as I previously tried it when the texture was coarse, granular and uninviting. It tasted dry and without much flavour. But now the story has changed. The narrative is much more expressive. It still is full of adult appeal. The Bourbon is not as powerful as you may expect having tried the 'boozy' chocolate from Stainer. The level of sophistication and subtlety is on a scale that I just massively appreciate. 

In the evening I occasionally settle down with a glass of Talisker - which is all about very small experiences of wonderful flavour - and it’s no different with this Raaka chocolate. Just a hint of the Bourbon settles on your taste buds and it lasts an age. It doesn't have the fireworks effect of some chocolate that hits you with flavour as soon as it enters your mouth and quickly fades. This is a long-term flavour giver. 

What's more, unless my mind is playing tricks on me, you can certainly taste the oak here, the dry, earthy, woody flavours - separate from the bourbon. Even within a narrow window of flavour you can separate the different elements - and that's what makes me love this chocolate so much.


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