Caribeans Stone Ground Chocolate

Posted on September 17, 2014 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

This is how friends send chocolate. Jules from Jaz & Juls sent me this chocolate from Caribeans and quite strangely I actually ordered some last year and it never arrived so I'm glad to actually get to try it now. The first is a blend of Antiguan and Guatemalan cocoa - two origins that you don't often get to try - even when you're as much of a chocolate addict as I am.

The flavours are rough, powerfully of sugar cane and rum - with a hint of pleasant acidity. This is no Domori - and that's a good thing. The chocolate is unadulterated, not created by committee and unique. It doesn't pretend to be anything it’s not. The texture may not have been helped by the various temperatures being transported back from Costa Rica and then the recent weather we've had, but I still don't feel the flavour has been affected too greatly.

The other comes from the Shiroles area of Costa Rica, which, from recollection isn't too far from where Caribeans is based. This chocolate is another unique affair. At first taste it comes across a great deal like Vimto which quickly subsides and becomes relatively conventional. At the back that soft fruit flavour still lingers. After returning to it I get a heap load of 'floral' and it starts to work on me more. This is turning into a very interesting chocolate.

We would love to get their chocolate over here and feel it would be possible if we purchased in larger quantities and made using a reputable courier more cost effective. Jeanne was great when the issues occurred and I have no problem trying again in the new year - as their chocolate is just worth the effort that you get with cross-border trade.

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