Big Tree Farms Cold Pressed Chocolate

Posted on March 11, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

I've always been fascinated with 'raw' chocolate just as much as I have about makers labelling their products as one type of chocolate to garner interest and sales. Thankfully the likes of Pablo at Forever Cacao calling his chocolate 'unroasted' and Big Tree Farms calling theirs 'cold pressed' we have companies that forgone marketing simplicity and replaced it with accuracy. 

We're always interested in new products and in the interest of transparency if we try a product out we will generally review it here - unless we've already done face-to-face tasting with the supplier or it’s a well-established brand. So here we have a 61% dark and a 73% dark with sea salt and sweet nibs - a staple offering from chocolate makers.

I liked the solidity of the packaging, along with the information on the back which, as I was reading, confirmed that it was sweetened by coconut palm nectar as opposed to high G.I. cane sugar. The thing is ... I was reading their website and munching aimlessly on the 61% and I absolutely love it. Of course you need to look at it in a different context as 'traditional' dark chocolate as you'll never get the rich, creamy texture as you would do with roasted and intensely ground cocoa, but it is very good and certainly one I'd happily munch on if I wasn't 'at work'.

The darker chocolate with salt and nibs didn't punch as high as the other, but it was still enjoyable. The salt was a hit and miss affair as some bites were utterly dominated by the salt and reminded me of taking in salt water whilst swimming on holiday whilst the nibs were just as illusive. 

I know my serious friends in the chocolate industry are still sceptical of unroasted and cold pressed chocolate, but there just has to be a cocoa product for everyone and if certain sections of the chocolate community don't like it, they don't have to eat it. But as greater awareness of diet especially sugar intake and the more complicated area of antioxidants and the like then it is important to explore other methods of making and consuming chocolate.

And the important question, would we stock it? Yes we would.

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