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Posted on March 11, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

I remember seeing some press releases about this chocolate a few years ago but it didn't really light my imagination. But with a now I'm trying it to see if it is the type of chocolate that may catch our customers' attention I'll just have to look at it from a different direction. Out of the fairly extensive range of ten bars I've just got the two here - the 72% Peruvian and a version with the same base chocolate but with cocoa nibs added. 

One of the criticisms that 'raw' chocolate has had from other 'non-raw' makers is that the potential presence of 'nasties', such as salmonella and the like because the beans haven't been heat treated by either roasting as is the traditional method of chocolate making or 'steaming' as I know one British maker does. The information we have it that the IQ approach is to have the beans cleaned in the growing country after being fermented and dried and then being cleaned again when they reach Scotland to be turned into chocolate - if we do stock this chocolate then we'll seek further information.

The beans originate from Peru and are labelled as fine flavour Criollo and it's pretty difficult for me to indicate otherwise as my bank of memorised notes doesn't include much from the unroasted area of chocolate.

The 'standard' version has a slight metallic edge that I recall many other 'raw' chocolate but with that there is a definite 'mint' characteristic that goes someway to mitigate the metal notes and becomes more of the 'conventional' 'raw' chocolate I've tasted in the past.

The 'Nib Crunch' version surprisingly is less metallic given that there's more of the natural version of cocoa present, but this one I'm very fond of. There's more complexity and variety of flavour which flushes through banana and caramel. This is very nice.

We would certainly consider stocking this one.


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