Mulu Organic Raw Chocolate

Posted on March 12, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Mulu is a brand I've seen on the odd health food website but has never caught my attention, but as we delve further into the 'free from' chocolate market it's one we're keen to learn more about. Looking over their information they state that they're a 'fully vegan company' in that they don't use any animal products such as milk or even honey in their chocolate. What's more they not use any nut, soya, egg or gluten containing ingredients. Although they don't claim their chocolate is 'nut free' as cocoa is grown in tropical climates where there may be some contamination with nuts.

That aside, what of this 'raw', vegan chocolate. Firstly the format is very interesting. Rather than the conventional oblong tablette, Mulu's chocolate is formed in a chunky square with nine individual ones contained within. The texture is soft, very soft, even softer than the Ombar 'raw' chocolate. What's more, it melts incredibly quickly in the mouth and has a very noticeable hit of the agave nectar. Personally, I would have toned down the sweetness of this chocolate and let more of the cocoa flavour shine through. Often with 'raw' chocolate, however, the nude cocoa flavours actually can come across as metallic and I feel that they may have over-compensated with a high volume by weight of cocoa butter. Indeed, this ingredient is the first to be listed.

This chocolate might not be to my personal taste due to the high use of cocoa butter, but I have chosen the 'silk' option, rather than the dark, so it would be wrong to judge their entire range on just this one option.

Would we stock it? I'm not so sure. We might give them a try.

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