Rawr 80% Raw Dairy Free Chocolate

Posted on March 18, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Rawr have been on my radar for a good few years now and I've tried a few of their bars in that time, but never in the context of 'is it good enough to recommend to customers.' So with that in mind ...

It is this aroma that seems to have defined my views (and prejudices) of 'raw' chocolate. It's incredibly metallic, but strangely that doesn't follow through with the flavour ... at least not initially. What strikes me first is a Bakewell tart tone which goes through chalkiness then a touch of kiwi and sort of stays in a slight acidic profile. A saving grace is that had more of a typical chocolate texture than either of the Ombar or the Mulu - the problem is that there isn't much of a chocolaty flavour. It's just quite bland. Now if you're looking at this from the angle of a Paleo diet or because you just want to avoid dairy and go for the uncooked aspect then this is likely to be a sacrifice worth making and your frame of reference may also be adjusted by a lengthy abstinence of 'traditional' chocolate.

It'd be interesting to see where the raw ingredients are from (excuse the pun) as comparing the origin of the cocoa with the type of Peruvian beans that Pablo uses would allow me to identify the cause of the lack of flavour - is it from the use of different manufacturing processes or lower/different quality beans?

I doubt that we would stock this chocolate in the current format. That's not to say its a bad chocolate, as it clearly sells well, just I doubt it would suit our customers' needs.

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