Pipiltin Cocoa 84% Pidie Jaya Aceh

Posted on March 20, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Pidie Jaya is a regency within the Ace district of Indonesia which we may have heard and seen so much following the tsunami in the region just over a decade ago. It seems that the devastation of that natural event didn't destroy the fertility of the soil and the entirety of the cacao tree stock and the numerous smallholders have kept going and now supply the Indonesian bean-to-bar maker Pipiltin - the makers of this unusual chocolate.

This is perfect one to prove that 95% of what we know about chocolate is rubbish as it is as far removed from being a typical 85% as you could expect. Virtually all of the natural acidity of the cacao has been worked out of it and it ends up tasting like bubblegum mixed with those little lentil pieces that often settle at the bottom of a bag of Bombay mix. It's so left field I'm struggling to work out if I like it or if its a travesty to chocolate. 

So I tried the 73% Bali I also acquired to test if this mellowness is an approach with the origin/estate or by the maker and it would seem to be the maker.

Mildness I like from the likes of Domori, but I'm really struggling with this one, ok two. I'd love to know if anyone knows if this is a general trend for local makers? I know that we often expect smoky notes from the cacao when made elsewhere, but what about local makers what does their chocolate taste like? I'm going to have to explore more!

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