Omnom Chocolate Papua New Guinea 70%

Posted on April 12, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

This is a first for us, a bean to bar chocolate made in Iceland. Omnom have created a chocolate made from one of my favourite origins: Papua New Guinea. These islands that are located not too far off the coast of Australia and between Indonesia and the Solomon Islands often has a smoky edge that I will seek if I feel a change from the usual fair of Central/South America or Africa. The tasting notes provided by the guys state this chocolate offers "(t)he sophisticated union of nutty leather and smoky tobacco plays with a whisper of burned oak tamed by a buttery bourbon finish" - which does pique my interest.

The bar is wrapped in what in a 'wallpaper' style that has become popular and is also used by Pipiltin, Mast Brothers and Marou, among others. It seems, however, Omnon have gone one step further by taking the origami-style design and continuing that into how the wrapping is fastened - with angular edges that neatly and snugly hold the contents firm. And even when open up this outer layer you're met with a foil inner-wrapper that also has an abstract wolf design. As you do, you'll be proverbially smacked by the smoky scents.

The reason that chocolate where the cocoa originated in Papua New Guinea typically has a smoky bent is that generally they dry the fermented cocoa over fire as opposed to the generally accepted methods of sun drying. Of course Papua has a much wetter climate than much of the rest of the world and there are generally fewer hours of sunshine available to do it this way.

The flavours, though are fantastic. The Bourbon they talk about does appear, but after it's gone through a marmalade on fried bread tone first. Between the initial hit of fruity flavours there is a barren interregnum where this is almost no flavour and then it picks up again at the end to continue with the summer fruits and alcohol.

This is a very pleasant chocolate and certainly one for 'tickers' that like to explore the world's chocolate. Would it be something we would be interested in stock? Well, yes. But I feel we will need to explore the range more fully. We also have the Madagascar 66% to try too.


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