Metiisto Chocolate Madagascar 72%

Posted on April 12, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Metissto are Swedish bean to bar chocolate makers located in Fulan and have a relatively small selection of chocolate made from either Sambirano, Madagascar or Bahia, Brazil beans - and seemingly some great stuff too.

Their approach is to lightly roast the cocoa to keep as much of the natural flavour present in the chocolate as possible and this is certainly evidenced by this bar. When you place a piece on the tongue you'll get absolutely heaps of the red fruits that you expect from Sambirano, but so much so that it turns into a liquorice profile that utterly dominates the mouth.

Even after the melt those flavours continue for an age. They may soften into some sort of fruity jus that in turn develops an utterly sensational hazelnut profile that I wish I could wrap myself in for the rest of the day. And if you thought you could get no more out of the chocolate, there is a dash of salinity that finally brings the curtains down on the experience.

So often we find chocolate on our virtual travels and we're left disappointed but either the lack of variety in approach or that the quality is lacking, but we certainly can't say that about this chocolate, it is a stunner.

We've already made contact with Metiisto to see if we can bring their chocolate to the UK. In the meantime you can try out some of their retail partners (virtually all in Sweden) then you can find a list here. And we now stock this chocolate and you can find it here.

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