Taza 87% Palos Blancos, Boliva

Posted on April 12, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Taza are the Marmite of chocolate, you either love them or hate them. What we do love about them is that they have created a profile that fits a niche. They don't find themselves being pulled by the market in the direction of rich and creamy chocolate that so often win awards. Instead, they keep to the older style form of stone ground chocolate which is reminiscent of Dolceria Bonajuto's chocolate.

When I had a tour of the Thornton's factory a couple of years ago, just ahead of their centenary celebrations. The master chocolatier Keith Hurdman created a chocolate to pay homage to the older style of making chocolate before cocoa liquor became so finely ground and that bar he created had a texture very similar to this. But so does some of the 'raw' chocolate we've recently reviewed.

After opening up the wrapper the aroma should be obvious. It is powerful, and understandably so as this chocolate has a 'light touch' process compared to most. The strange thing is that this chocolate reminds me of an Ecuador than a Bolivia, in fact, there's also a strong Bourbon quality that was evident in the Omnom Papua New Guinea, but then the vanilla comes through too. I do wish vanilla would be used less frequently in chocolate. It appears that the discs that they make don't have vanilla so we will try and get those to try out as I believe our customers would much prefer them. I've had quick tests of them in the past and did like them.

I definitely do think that they're a maker that should definitely be explored in more detail as I'm sure our customers would love their Mexican style chocolate discs.



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