Somerville Chocolate Nicaragua 70%

Posted on April 16, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

Chocolate made from Nicaraguan cocoa is fast becoming a personal favourite. Costa Rica and Belize are up there, but you would be hard to find an origin that provides so much variety in terms of potential flavour than Nicaragua. You could have the peppery notes that you might expect from Ecuador but with so much of their cacao heritage being of Criollo origin it’s understandable why this origin has provided chocolate makers with so many awards. But still, unless these makers source their beans directly from the farms so they know exactly what they're making chocolate from, or they use reputable international suppliers such as Ingemann Cacao then you might find yourself consuming with less favourable Amelanado.

But here we have a 70% chocolate made with a blend of hot and cold roasts (of the cocoa bean) which may be similar to Antidote Chocolate's approach of using half roasted and half cold-pressed beans, but here we have two different temperature of roasts used. What will matter to most, I suspect, is the flavour and it is lovely.

The aroma is much more pronounced with a strong tobacco and pepper profile but on the taste buds it is much more relaxed and similar to Friis Holm's Chuno whilst continues into a plum and raisin profile. We absolutely love this one by Somerville, but it would be interesting to try it at either a shorter grind or less sugar, perhaps at around the 75% mark to either bring out more of the natural vibrancy or see what the cocoa can do when there is less sweetness to compete with.

Don't get me wrong, however, this is still an utterly fantastic chocolate with beautiful flavours and definitely one we would love to stock in the future.

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