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Posted on April 25, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 1 Comment

It's a strange quirk of fate that we've tried a number of Dominican Republic origin chocolate produced in a variety of locations with two from the USA and now, the Isle of Wight. And with an Island so steeped in maritime history it was great to see the Seaforth Chocolate Company using cocoa bought in by the Tres Hombres sailing ship from the Dominican Republic. This vessel may be synonymous with Mott Green and The Grenada Chocolate Company, but it seems that seems that it often travels from the Dominican Republic to the Azores and then on to Ireland and the UK. At the time of writing the ship left the Caribbean on 4th April 2015 and is currently off the UK coast. The whole ethos of the company that responsible for the sailing ship is to move cargo across the Atlantic with no carbon footprint - they also do short trips such as from Ostend in Belgium to Ijmuiden in the Netherlands.

We believe the beans used in this chocolate originate from the Conacado farms which are fairly expansive in scale at just short of 28,000 hectares but are spread out across a large number of farmers who generally look after less than five hectares of land each. What is interesting is that there are a wide range of makers producing chocolate from this co-operative from Soma to Dagoba with Holy Cacao, Solstice, Taza, Olive & Sinclair and Omnom. 

The aroma of the Seaforth chocolate is more indicative of what we would expect from Dominican Republic origin chocolate - big, bold notes. And this is more than evident in the flavour profile too. It's a powerful chocolate, but pulls itself back from the 'too dominant' reaches that perhaps other bigger names have done with the beans. The first piece may take you back, but further tastes will be a smoother affair. You still get heavy notes of plums with a back-drop of raisins but with this chocolate you get more floral than I recall trying in the past with other chocolates from this origin.

There is a degree of nakedness with it. It feels more 'natural' with lower levels of apparent processing and a shorter grind time. With the ethos and the flavour profile being exactly what we're looking for, hopefully we can talk with the team on the Isle and bring you their chocolate.


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April 27, 2015

I’ve tried this wonderful stuff recently, completely unlike anything I’ve had before. Very fruity and quite complex. The flavour is still memorable long after you taste it. Equally delightful packaging too!

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