Ocho Revolution PNG 70% Review

Posted on May 04, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

As we continue to look at what New Zealand has to offer in terms of chocolate makers we also find ourselves exploring another chocolate made with beans from Papua New Guinea. In contrast to the Captain Pembleton chocolate we recently reviewed which was a single estate chocolate, this one is ‘just’ a single origin. What may typically missing is available here - we know the co-operatives responsible. The company that was set up by local growers contains two sets of co-operatives: 50 from Madang and 40 cooperatives for Morobe Province.

Now, chocolate made from Morobe beans have used by Fresco, Michel Cluizel, Mānoa and Amano and have received very favourably. The aroma with this version was striking. It flashed between wood fire to sandy beach and the Fiddle I’th Bag pub near here - it’s an old-fashioned, dusty pub full of character. In fact, there’s a sense of Amelando here.

Again, just like the Captain Pembleton, the flavours are distinctly of orange - but more more prominently presented. Unlike that chocolate there is a heap more hazelnut and even blueberry - not at all like I would expect from PNG.

I adore the fact that the beans were bought directly from the co-operatives, and even that Ocho try and purchase beans from Pacific nations to limit on transportation and that it forces me to re-evaluate what I expect from the region.

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