White Rabbit Cacao Costa Rica 70%

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The White Rabbit Cacao company was reportedly New Zealand’s first bean to bar chocolate maker. And like so many others around the world their passion for chocolate was ignited by accident and the initial stages defined by rudimentary equipment initially created for other purposes. This just goes to show how anyone can make chocolate and you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands on new, shiny equipment - even larger makers buy second-hand machinery and tweak it to their needs.

Currently they offer an Ocumare (Venezuela), a Dominican Republic and this Costa Rican Trinitario from the Upala region - made popular (to me at least) by Potomac and also featured by Madre, Felchlin, Fruition, Dandelion and Nahua. I’ve absolutely loved Costa Rican origin chocolate in the past and this is very similar to the tropical fruit and nut mix I used to consume by the kilo as a child - but there’s more spice to this. It really is a wonderful chocolate. It’s almost like a Puerto Rican origin, but there again, the aroma is slightly spicy and the flavours are exceptionally soft and Criollo-like. There are nuts, cream, strawberry ... this is lovely!

The texture is also soft and delicate - almost soothing, but I’d love to try a higher cocoa version i.e. less sugar so more of the cocoa comes through.

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