Wellington Chocolate Factory Dominican Republic 70%

Posted on May 04, 2015 by  Lee Mccoy | 0 Comments

The Welling Chocolate Factory has produced this 70% made with the same-sourced CONCADO co-operative beans from Dominican Republic as both Madre, Seaforth and others have used. Typically you would get very bold, leathery, tart flavours from beans of this origin and although this chocolate is at the typically ‘lighter’ 70% cocoa level, there is still some good, sharp notes that are well-worth exploring.

To be totally honest, I’m glad that those heavy, earthen, strident notes have been worked out of the chocolate as they can be too dominant and, although they have a place in the wider scheme of things, I much prefer the sort of subtle flavours offered by this chocolate. Each time I return to this chocolate it seems to offer something different - the nutty aspects are there then now it offers some root bear notes and even radish.

These beans are sourced ethically which is a ‘red line’, so to speak, for us. The fact that the beans come from a reputable source is crucial for us so we’d be more than happy to explore their range more thoroughly - especially some of their more unusual flavours such as the ‘Craft Beer’ one as well as some of their others made with local ingredients.

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