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Running a chocolate shop isn't as simple as just finding great chocolate, buying it and selling it. Given that there are so many new chocolate makers about, part of it, without being pompous, is being an educator too.

Whenever we order chocolate from far-off lands we're incredibly nervous about the condition it arrives in. The makers that have been around a while know about protecting the chocolate from the elements - especially if it’s being shipped in by air. We ordered these four bars from Nick's Chocolate in Australia and although there wasn't anything evidently wrong with the chocolate as soon as we unwrapped it, but when we broke a piece and heard the excessively brittle snap we knew that the chocolate had been affected by the journey and the temper had been lost and the flavour almost lost in the hue of the deficient texture.

You should always review chocolate in the condition it was made in and it seems unfair (partly) to try and gauge the skill of the maker given that I suspect the texture had been tarnish en route. I don't know how much of the flavour has been lost. But what I can say is the chocolate as it is didn't have much which is a crying shame given the use of Venezuelan beans, as well as Belize which is one of my favourite origins the Dominican Republic which is renowned for its powerful flavour. It seems I'll just be left to make hot chocolate out of it and see what I can glean from it in that fashion.

Bisou Toledo 76% Toledo Belize

Wellington Chocolate Factory Dominican Republic 70%

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