Bisou Toledo 76% Toledo Belize

Posted on June 01, 2015 by  Bold Apps | 0 Comments

This is one chocolate that I've certainly been looking forward to as it's made by a small batch company out of Berkley, California, USA. Although it seems that the chocolate was somewhat effected by the temperature as it found its way over from the USA via some friends of the guys there and then posted on in the UK, it wasn't effected anywhere near as much as the Nick's chocolate.

The aroma is saline, very acidic and rustic. As soon as it touched my tongue it was like a scene from the bible when Lot's wife turned to a pillar of salt. I could feel the salinity fizz across my tongue. But then there were flashes of mint and then mustard, and back to the salt again. The isn't any of what I would call a typical chocolate flavour. It does also seemingly processes a mango-like tone at the end of the melt that is disjointed from the other flavours.

I'm not sure if the shipping has contributed to this, so I will have to explore the other bars they sent shortly.

Tobago Estate 70%

Nick's Chocolate from Australia

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