Go*Do 34% Milk Chocolate Bar

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Go*Do 34% Milk Chocolate Bar

[First published Sept, 22nd 2010]
Last time out I had the pre-production bars from Go*Do and absolutely loved the Espresso one that I reviewed. And now, after a few more stages of their development Simon has sent me the whole range again, but in new packaging and probably using more refined processes. I decided to choose one at random to review as I didn't want just plump for another dark one with the result being that I picked "out of a hat" this organic 34% milk chocolate bar

. Go*Do 34% Milk Chocolate Bar

Regular readers will know that I'm not a massive fan of milk chocolate because I've tainted with memories of the mass-market stuff. Go*Do is the complete opposite as they're highly ethical, organic and sustainable - something that's vitally important to me. The deal-breaker for most will be how the bars taste, however.

Go*Do 34% Milk Chocolate Bar

My problem is that I've almost finished the bar before I've got a chance to actually write down my thoughts. From the little I have left I can tell you that the flavour is delightful. There's a tanginess that I believe good milk chocolate has. It seems to last ages after the chocolate has melted and disappeared from the mouth and which may allow the bar to last longer for most people. For me, however, I found it very addictive.

Go*Do 34% Milk Chocolate Bar

There is a noticeable milk powder flavour which I believe adds a nice wholesome complexion that most milk chocolate miss. I hate to say it, but the Galaxy Counters had a similar milky edge but is as moral and ethical as [I best not say it or I'll get sued!] The texture is fine too. Obviously as it doesn't have palm oil in it the chocolate isn't as glossy but has a slight cakey feel but that's exactly what this bar is about - it’s about trying something different from the norm. It's about offering "confectionary" in an ethical setting. And I love it for it.

The problem is that supermarkets rarely seem to offer fantastic milk chocolate, instead of placating us with a smattering of recognisable dark chocolate brands and the huge, multinational conglomerate confectionary providers. If this bar was available in supermarkets I'm sure that it'd accumulate a regular and impassioned following.

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