Dandelion Chocolate 100% Camino Verde Ecuador

Posted on August 27, 2015 by  Lee McCoy | 0 Comments

Stereotypically 'Ecuadorian' this 100% from Dandelion. It has striking similarities to the Hoja Verde 100% and approaches the level of the Pacari.

The chocolate arrived fantastically well-packaged, given that other chocolate we've ordered from the American continent arrived tarnished. I'd certainly believe that if you order direct from Dandelion that you won't have any problems with blooming. We opted for two of these 100% bars, and a Liberian one - and shipping was very reasonable - it even arrived by Express DHL.

The finish on the chocolate was fantastic. Of course, there wasn't the usual glossy shine that bars with higher concentrations of sugar and fats seem to exhibit, but it's certainly good enough to me. It came across as a more adult, matt finish.

The flavors present include the expected floral and dusty mushroom. The slower you let it melt in your mouth, the more intoxicating it gets. Notes of brandy will appear, as well as hazelnuts and even marzipan. This Dandelion 100% certainly a fantastic chocolate and immensely pleasurable.

We'd certainly love to stock this chocolate. The exchange rate and shipping costs may prohibit this, but we'll do our best.

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